Today. Temperatures in the minus, Himself on night shifts so I’m not sure what day it is, only that it’s daytime… but things are moving. Restarting life after too long a pause, it feels like. But I have my touchstone of my homeland to keep me grounded.

Every day, without fail, I must walk the dogs. Gearing up to it can feel like a chore, but once we’re outside, their joy buoys me up as we explore what’s changed on the hill since we were last out.

Last night, we had flurries of snow. Today, thick fog. Not cloying, but like a gentle blanket draped across us. Everything is tipped with white from the frost. A spiderweb on a postbox is jewel-like. My neighbour has already placed bread out for the sparrows and blackbirds.

No matter what chaos is going on in the world, my hilltop is my home. Always discovering more about it, feeling with all my senses (including mud up past my ankles on occasion!), and now ready to face the day.

Restarting this blog is the first step in Doing. Moving forward xx



New Paths

A very difficult day. No particular reason, but… emotional.

This afternoon, Himself decided to take me to a part of the hill that I’d never been before: a wooded area that he’d discovered during the snow last year. So down some streets, through some gaps in walls (a public footpath, fear not) and past a field of entirely unbothered horses, we found ourselves here.

Overgrown paths leading through birch trees and holly bushes, with only the occasional way-marker stone to show others had been here. We got as far as we could, but may have to return another day with either a walking stick or knife to move fallen branches.

Just us, the dogs and the birds. Spring breezes and new growth. With more to explore further down the paths.

The road goes ever on and on, indeed.