Balancing Truths

Sometimes, I’m working. There’s a job to do, with expectations and responsibilities. Awareness and energy are high.

Sometimes, I’m alone. Still with expectations of myself, different jobs, my dislike of being idle.

If I put on a different ‘hat’ at different times, these are still aspects of myself. No masks to hide behind, but adornments or indicators of my role.

When writing (that most solitary of activities), the hats don’t matter – but the words do, even more than when speaking in public. Those words are temporary; these will last and can be re-read and pondered.

Sometimes it’s fun to be busy, laughing with others, sharing moments and connection.

Sometimes peace is needed. Either alone or with those who are trusted, deeply cared for, just to be.

When the darkness drags me down, I have to ride it as best I can – but then use this to compare with the light times. Both have value and can be learned from, both have their ups and downs.

We balance our truths, for that is the variety of life.