Dropping the Ball

There was no entry in this blog yesterday, for the first time since it began. This is due simply to Life – higher priority matters going on (both challenging and exciting) which meant that when the evening grew late and I hadn’t written anything, I simply did not have the energy.

This was inevitable. A daily post is a big commitment. I’ve known this, and so refuse to allow any guilt. But of course, it’s been on my mind.

I am a worrier, and am concerned about each and every piece that I write. I’m repeatedly told that my blogs are simply that: My blogs. People can take them as they wish. This is true. I still do my best.

One of the best pieces of advice I was given, just prior to the release of my first book, was that once something is done and out ‘in the world’, to let it go. You can’t change it then; you can’t influence what people think of it – it just has to be, to exist on its own. I’ve heard it compared to the birth of a child as well: not necessarily easy, but a unique experience… which you then have to separate yourself from.

Missing one day won’t stop me writing. The function of this blog continues, and I hope that people still enjoy it. I will continue to explore my inspiration, whether that comes from beautiful landscapes, fine writing, evocative art and music, or those darker, more challenges sides to life. I do write what I know, to explore it and aim for greater understanding of it as I tell each individual story.

Even if it’s just me reading this, I’m still writing. Sometimes, just the act, the doing – that’s enough.