I’m not often asked why I do what I do. The more common reaction is appreciation, enthusiasm and curiosity – and then a deluge of questions!

It can be hard work. Some days, I am just worn out and no use to anyone. It can feel thankless.

Then, on days like today, I’m reminded all over again, simply Why.

Invitations to perform Handfastings and Renewal ceremonies. And Funerals. Life-changing moments.

In-depth discussions of the work being undertaken to have Pagan voices recognised by Government. Including the constant striving for legalisation for the aforementioned ceremonies. Lasting change.

Encouraging creativity, seeking inspiration, keeping the tales of this land alive.

Discussing Druidry as it is lived, every day. If I’m being listened to, I’m encouraging others to explore with me.

Hugs and thanks from random strangers who’ve read my words.

And then finally, being unexpectedly moved almost to tears by ‘The Battle for Stonehenge’ documentary (here). Hearing the voices of others with shared belief.

I am just one character in this tale, narrator and player. But I do my best to make what I do count, by its truth. Word by word, step by step. Constant challenge, often battling, moving forward.


Ripples in Practice

If you’d told me years ago that I’d be where I am now… I’d probably have laughed. A nice dream, but not practical at all. A professional Druid? Really? Sometimes I still have to stop, sit down and remind myself that this is actually happening.

Today, I visited the prison where I hope to be Pagan Chaplain very soon (subject to red-tape navigation). I’m already a Hospital contact locally, and have spoken in schools, Universities and offices. As well, of course, as rites, support and teaching for those who ask. Oh, and the books. My spirituality has become very real indeed.

I started out just reading, exploring quietly on my own, trying some small rituals alone in my bedroom. Then I found a little local group, via the organisation that was to become The Druid Network. I eventually lost my regular employment, so nervously attempted to Druid for a living… And so the journey moved forward.

Everything we do in our personal practice creates ripples. Solitary work may seem lonely (from choice or necessity) but it still moves energy, within and without. Once the wider world knows that you’re paying attention and seeking, doors begin to open that you might not have seen before. It’s up to you what you do after that, but once momentum is begun, it’s actually pretty hard to stop – or sometimes even slow down.

Is this the Universe giving tacit support to your path? Perhaps. I’ve seen too many coincidences to be cynical on that score, particularly when times are tough and I doubt what to do. That’s when something always seems to come up to give me a kick, both to dispel the worries through reassurance or reinforcement and ensure that I get up and actually do something.

We listen. We learn. We practice. We move with the flows and create our own ripples.