I’ve often said that I don’t really believe in coincidences any more. Here’s one example of why.

Today, while performing a Handfasting ritual, I called to the elements to set the space, as I always do. It was a sunny, calm day, but we were indoors due to the physical needs of those present.

Air made itself known by billowing the curtains on command (and cheekily blowing the skirt of my robe). Water likewise, by having the kitchen tap suddenly burst out some drips when called.

This may seem to be just my noticing because I was looking at that precise moment. Except that something like this happens at every single ritual I’ve ever done.

From rainbows appearing when the couple say their vows, to storms waiting until we’re done before letting rip (more than once).

And that’s before I even mention what happens when I call on ancestors or Gods by name.

Many years of such occurrences have taught me to keep both an open mind and open eyes. You call with true intent… you will get an answer.

Something to bear in mind next time you say ‘Oh Gods, help.’ 😉

To Be Silent

In recent days, I’ve been reminded of that old Mother’s saying: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.”

I’ve been speaking a lot – in person, through messages and emails, organising, helping, working and chatting. That’s life. We communicate.

But I’ve also been more aware of what I’m saying. The intent behind my words, the effect I hope them to have. Doing my best to achieve understanding.

Ultimately, everything you say (in voice or in writing) is utterly beyond your control once it’s said. It’s out in the world, for good or ill. And always open to interpretation. As a writer, I’m very aware of this.

Obviously, the simple example that most of us can relate to is social media, and the frequent misunderstandings that come about because of lack of context, proper explanation or over-simplistic soundbites. Again, though, we can look deeper, to the intention of the speaker/author. Do the words really mean to directly hurt or anger you, personally? Or is the creator just expressing themselves and their current emotional state (not necessarily well)?

This New Moon, I’ve been feeling deeper flows moving beneath us. Change is very much in the air. Sometimes that means simply stopping your own monologue so that you might better hear it. Your story goes on… just in descriptive terms, not conversational.

Yes, communication is good; so is information, of course. But we also need time to pause, to reach beyond language, to see, hear and feel what’s really going on.