Subtle Tactility

It can be the tiniest things that raise a smile, wandering in the world.

The rays of bright sunshine through stormclouds.
The change in the air as dusk begins to fall.
A single blackbird, singing because he can.
The rustle of brand new leaves in the breeze.

Or, closer to home:

The scent of sandalwood as I walk through my door.
The glee on a puppy’s face as he brings back a cunningly-acquired ball.
The taste of my favourite tea.
The feel of soft yarn through my fingers.
The sound of words in my mind, from my latest story.

This is the one-month anniversary of this blog, every day without fail (albeit some days harder than others). So many things which inspire me – I’ve no doubt I’ll repeat myself, but the perspective will change, as I move on through my life.

Every day, so much is out there. I will continue to share – and be grateful to you for accompanying me on the journey.