I call to the wind
Feel its touch on my face
And its breath through the leaves
As is mine.

I call to the sun
Feel the heat in my fingers
Life running through
Inside and out.

I call to the rain
Touch the full clouds above
Taste the damp in the air
And beneath my bare feet.

I call to the earth
Questing down, rooting deep
And unable to find words…
So I stand.

I reach, all around
Heart to soul, spirit to spirit
So different and yet

I see people stare.
They want to feel as I do.

And you know what?
You can.


Spirit Food

I’ve been working out this morning, running and moving weights, stretching and such. My body is now tired but feeling fitter and stronger. Time well spent.

However, I’m feeling tired in myself as well. I’ve been working a lot this week (and it’s not over yet!) – so how do we recharge our spirits after a hard workout?

My body feels better once it is fuelled and rested. No reason that mind and spirit cannot be maintained in a similar manner, as they are all interconnected. But it’s easy to neglect these areas, because while we feel the lack of energy when they’re run down, it’s harder to quantify what we can’t see.

We ‘work out’ our entire selves in different ways, after all, through stimulation, testing and exercises of various types. What’s the spiritual equivalent of a nice massage?

For me, it’s situational – whatever I feel that I need to do at a given moment. Sometimes that’s relaxing with a good novel; at other times, an interesting non-fiction book. Or knitting, from an easy garter-stitch mindless creation to an involved lacey work of art that demands focus. A nice meal with good company, or a quiet evening alone. We get to know ourselves and what we need best.

Sometimes others have to provide a ‘prescription’. Rest has to be enforced or help obtained; we have to call Stop, for the sake of our own wellbeing. As I’ve said before, it’s recognising our flows and riding them, ups and downs – not in a judgmental, positive/negative sense, but simply what life Is.

I’ve a long and busy day tomorrow. Today, jobs will get done – but with some healthy spirit recharging included as well.

Small Accomplishment

I had such plans for today. Chores around the house, yes, but also my own work – I was even looking forward to my morning run.

All of which was effectively scuppered by a total lack of energy, combined with a brain which refused to focus on anything. Even the easiest novel.

I think this might have been a mild migraine. I get them occasionally, and do my best to manage, but …

Sometimes you have to ride the downward waves, of course. So I did as my body asked – and fell asleep. When awake, it was simple TV or dozing. I could do nothing.

By 4pm, this had become actively depressing. A wasted day. I felt bad for not giving my pups the playtime they’d been hoping for (fortunately brief stints of frisbee in the garden were sufficient, I’m glad to say). I had to do something… but what?

Finally, the frustration was too much. Laptop was grabbed, typing began. I anticipated a stream of utter rubbish.

Instead, I blogged – on my ‘main’ page, the original blog that started it all, ‘The Catbox‘. And I’m actually rather pleased with the result.

Writing is my joy. When the words flow, there’s no sensation like it. Inspiration strikes and, if you’re really lucky, begets more – and that’s something to ride, until you physically (and mentally) have to stop.

It’s early evening now and the day is so much brighter. My head feels clearer, I have a little more energy. The pups will be walked as dusk falls when Himself returns from work, and I’ll prepare food for a relaxing evening. On our terms, my little family.

No wasted day after all – because something was created and shared.

Ride the flows, my friends.

Deep in the Flow

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting essays lately, discussing spirituality as an intellectual or social experience. But some of the nice, polite phrasing makes me want to… well, react strongly.

Paganism (like many other life-paths) gives back what is put into it. You like the jewellery and shiny tools? OK – but these are only aesthetically useful, means to an end. You’re looking more into relationships with gods, stories, the land around you? You’ll get a more intense result. Often, a challenging one that encourages the journey to continue (or stops you in your tracks!).

You put in the energy, the blood, sweat and tears of your Self, and you will find that Self affected accordingly. This could be called spiritual reciprocity, or Cause and Effect. Either way – if you want to feel something truly, you have to explore it. Deeply. Sometimes that is an absolute requirement, if you don’t just want to be content skimming the surface.

It’s not always enough to put things into words – although these can be good guides (as is the intention of this blog). You have to look further, to feel more intensely; gather the courage to let yourself sink – or dive – into the flow of emotion, experience… Life.

I stand on a hilltop and spread my arms, eyes closed, letting the wind and rain buffet me to the ground.

I gasp – and more! – at intense communication with deity.

I laugh, naked and dancing, barefoot on grass.

I dissolve into tears when it’s too much. Then let myself be held and healed.

My Druidry encourages true feeling and experience. I cannot let myself give half-measures – nor do I want to.

We seek the Awen, and ride the consequences.

Allowing Time

Some days, we need to take time. To rest, recharge, heal… whatever is necessary.

The key word here being ‘need’. We will physically and mentally collapse if we don’t take that break. This is not laziness, not an excuse. We are simply not able to run at full tilt, every hour of every day. Nor should we expect to – not ourselves or others.

We all know what that is like, working to the point of collapse. But this makes the rest days even more difficult, because of that undercurrent of ‘must be doing’ constantly in the back of the mind.

Today has been a balance between doing and resting. A morning of work, an afternoon of knitting and reading. Because that’s all I could do – my brain required focus, but I simply didn’t have the energy required for anything too strenuous or complex. It was all spent during the morning. (And I appear to have badly wrenched a muscle in my leg, which makes walking painful, so physical activity was limited as well. Sometimes the Universe does teach via pointed messages.)

When does an excuse become a reason? When it’s true. When do we let ourselves take time for us – or those we love? Perhaps not often enough.

Hail, Nike…

I’ve heard of sweating your prayers. I ran my meditation today.

As some of you may know, I’ve started running again. As in, jogging around the park (or up and down the road) every other morning. This is for several reasons, but mostly fitness and energy – wanting to be healthier and happier. And slimmer, of course.

I used to run, years ago. I was training to join the Police. I found a trainer at my gym (I lived in London, it’s kind of expected) and asked for her advice. The next week, we were running up and down the Thames bank.

This beautiful, tiny lady, one of the strongest women I’ve ever known, trained the riot police for Surrey Constabulary, and dressed up as Lara Croft at office parties. She was astounding – pushing me hard but sympathetic to my relative lack of ability, and generous with advice, time and humour.

I began to run in the parks near my home, confusing the heck out of squirrels, ducks and the occasional dog. Then (due to local criminals) a treadmill was obtained and I discovered the joy of trance music, literally running/dancing to the deep, pounding beat.

An injury knocked me out of things for a while, and then motivation/depression. But now I’m determined again, inspired by other strong women I see, who simply start one day and keep on, regardless of their current fitness, how they feel or how they might look.

Every step on the wet grass today is an accomplishment; my thoughts becoming clearer, more focused. Worries slip away, replaced by sheer gladness in doing. The wind pushes me forward, and the blossom coats my hair as I pass.

I get home hot, sweaty, panting and pink. But happy.

I heard the voice of my trainer this morning, as I hit an uphill slant. “OK, enough walking – come on!”

And so I do.

*BTW, the title of this post does NOT refer to any manufacturer of sports goods you might have heard of. Before that, there was the Goddess, Nike


Today, this arrived in my Inbox. Whether you follow astrology or not, these are lovely thoughts for us every day – and worth sharing, I think.

We do hold our own power – not in a trite, ‘new age’ manner, but in simple truth, practical reality. Life is very difficult for so many right now; will we ride those currents to move ourselves (and those in our ‘orbit’) forward, or let the flows crush us?

As I often say – What are you doing? 🙂

Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is Tuesday, April 15 at 1:42 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)

This is the first eclipse that initiates a time frame of the greatest intensity. It is a time to evaluate what you are here for and whether or not you can gather up and use all that you have learned and studied and experienced in this life, taking it and stepping up into your responsibility to move forward and to evolve. There will be a lot of complaining about how hard it is and how unprepared we are for this great task, but in the end, you are all you have; your talents, your wisdom, your commitment and your willingness to do the work. Turn the intensity of this time into something inspiring as you face the unknown, and be in gratitude.

You hold a huge amount of energy in your hands. It is up to you where you channel it. Into fear, doubt and negativity? Or into joy, inspiration and excitement for what the future may bring. Intensity can be productive, focused and extremely fulfilling if channeled into the right things. Don’t get distracted by other people’s dramas and negativity. Be inspired, grateful and full of awe!

Taken from the newsletter of the Power Path