(Over) Work

Back in the late 1990s, I worked at a magazine in London. When deadline time came around, I would be in early and out late, grabbing food when I could and making the most of every bathroom break to take a moment to breathe.

I did enjoy it. I was young, the work was interesting, I was learning new things. Until it became more of a grind. The awareness of being a rat in an unwinnable, neverending race came when it was my turn to be shafted by the business ‘money over wellbeing’ perspective. Not for the last time, either, but we live and learn. In such a world, nobody’s happiness is important, so long as a profit is made (and must increase, year on year).

This had nothing to do with my introductory steps into Paganism at the same time, of course 🙂

Many years later…

Today, I had my first meal of the day (is it still breakfast?) at 3pm or so. Busy, working, travelling, working, multitasking while on the phone, grabbing food when I could and finally stepping outside to breathe…

The difference? I sincerely love my ‘job’. I do have to work hard for long hours (today being an extreme example!); I deal with random questions, events and demands – but it is all worth it. It’s really not a dream job of magic, luxury and ease, any more than the magazine job was glamorous or schmoozy. But the very visible consequences make it all worth the effort.

Like any motivated worker – from an architect to a gardener, an artist or teacher – the results are there before you, for good or ill. You put your best into the work, and (hopefully) people will be happy. Your creativity and effort inspire others. I’m lucky enough that I can do this and be supported (and I have deadlines, not targets), but I set my own bar pretty high.

I still do temp jobs from time to time, but even there, I try to enjoy them, bringing my mindset to the office and the work. I question, I reason, I do my best to fix issues – and I remember to laugh. And eat. And breathe.

Living Druidry indeed.