I’ve spoken in my main blog ( about the difficulties of working as a Professional Pagan in the modern world. Our ancestors were supported by their communities, with their work as Priest appreciated AS work – so any funds were given to assist their everyday living. That hasn’t changed: we still need food, clothes and fuel.

At least half of the work I do is voluntary. How do you put an hourly pay-rate on Druid consultations? I try to be honest and do my best – that is my constant promise.

So in the interests of fair energy exchange, should you wish to make a donation to support the work that I do, please feel free. Every penny is gratefully received, and will be tracked for transparency – I’m no Televangelist with a luxurious lifestyle!

It’s difficult to write this, as I feel I’m standing here, cap in hand. But I ask honestly and openly, with heartfelt thanks.


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