‘Drops of Awen’ is an experiment, a personal challenge – to share inspiration on a daily basis with the wider world.

What’s the point? Well, as a writer (who also suffers from depression), some days seem bleaker than others. The page sits blankly, the ideas don’t flow.

But as a Druid, inspiration is key to what I do and how I live.

So the challenge is to actively seek out a good, solid piece of inspiration and demonstrate it here, for others to consider (or not) as they wish. The ‘daily’ aspect is potentially even more difficult, as I’m often busy, travelling or otherwise Doing, but even if the posts are made via iPad/iPhone, I will be doing my best to continue!

Let’s see what comes, shall we?


Note: Rules can be restrictive, but also helpful. Let’s say ‘Guidelines’ instead.

– Nothing too twee! No LOLcats-style images or Motivational Posters. Nothing meme-style. Active thought has to go into each post – even if it is just a picture or a sentence.

– Inspiration is not always immediately perky and positive. Sometimes it comes from darker places. These too will be included.

– This won’t be entirely Pagan-specific, but I’ve no doubt my Druidry will fuel the ideas. Inspiration is for everyone, regardless of personal boundaries. If you don’t like it, don’t follow!

Between pgs 84-85Image copyright – Emma Hotchkin. From my book, ‘Facing the Darkness’.

For more about me, please visit my main site, The Catbox.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I’m taking part in the A-Z blog challenge with my first post being “A is for Awen” and I found you in my reader as I logged in. I love synchronicities! Your blog sounds like a great idea and I’m sure will bring you lots of healing whilst inspiring us all. 🙂

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