Self-Care Playlist

Today was… difficult. So, I got through with thanks to:

A sweet, funny movie: ‘The Final Girls

A simple but decent urban fantasy book: ‘Black Magic Woman

Knitting that’s complex enough to engage, but not frustrating: ‘Urdr

A podcast that makes me laugh out loud: ‘The Weekly Planet

Catching up with fun and familiar characters saving the world: ‘The Flash

Not being afraid to take time under blankets when necessary.

And puppies who realized something was wrong, and tag-teamed me with hugs all day:


Now feeling more able to breathe. Hopefully I’ll do a little more tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Self-Care Playlist

  1. Anime is my go-to at the moment. there’s so much out there that has so much passion and optimism in it, plus really pretty. Totoro is always medicinal 🙂 Important to know what helps and uplifts.

    • I’m not of the innately attracted Anime generation as my daughter is, but this proves it deserves another inspection. My tattoos are a rose over my heart for my daughter and the Eye of Horus over my shoulder blade, but I have seen lots of anime on tatt shows. Perhaps if it reaches me I can try my own hand at creating it. The eyes…they eyes…!

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