Tool Tales

August is not my favourite month. I don’t do well in extreme heat, and humidity is my least favourite climate. Even on my hilltop in the Midlands, where there’s usually a breeze of some sort, it’s been very heavy lately in terms of air pressure, which makes for physical and mental tiredness.

Today, I’ve been pondering tools to help. Ritual tools are great when they’re needed (although not always as essential as some of the books would have you believe), but sometimes it’s just little things which assist you in both cosmic and mundane tasks as you go about your day.

My tiny quartz ring acts like a miniature battery, bolstering energy when it’s needed, even just to focus me enough to get necessary jobs done. My partner and I both have haematite items nearby when working as well, to keep us determinedly grounded if things get too chaotic.

I’ve grown to love my hairsticks and shawl pins, both of which bear more than a passing resemblance to Ollivander wands.

My shawls themselves sit around my shoulders like a comfort hug, reassuring and strengthening. Today, the Big Blue Blanket was also needed when I inadvertently fell asleep mid-afternoon from sheer overload.

These are little things, but meaningful. Usually hand-crafted by myself or someone I know, they are like friends to be called upon, each with their own stories, becoming part of mine as I share my journey with them.

And inside my handbag… once a necessary weapon in itself while commuting (along with my armour/leather jacket), it now holds everything necessary, from wallet and phone to small pouch of Necessities and keyring charm of paracord.

Tools aren’t just ornaments (although they can be that as well). Each has a practical use. You can tell the especially valuable ones, because they show signs of wear from being picked up over and over; the pretty-but-useless gather dust on shelves.

What tools bring a little magic to your days, and keep you buoyed when you need them? Let’s honour them as we take them up – not just when we can’t find them!


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