Spirit Food

I’ve been working out this morning, running and moving weights, stretching and such. My body is now tired but feeling fitter and stronger. Time well spent.

However, I’m feeling tired in myself as well. I’ve been working a lot this week (and it’s not over yet!) – so how do we recharge our spirits after a hard workout?

My body feels better once it is fuelled and rested. No reason that mind and spirit cannot be maintained in a similar manner, as they are all interconnected. But it’s easy to neglect these areas, because while we feel the lack of energy when they’re run down, it’s harder to quantify what we can’t see.

We ‘work out’ our entire selves in different ways, after all, through stimulation, testing and exercises of various types. What’s the spiritual equivalent of a nice massage?

For me, it’s situational – whatever I feel that I need to do at a given moment. Sometimes that’s relaxing with a good novel; at other times, an interesting non-fiction book. Or knitting, from an easy garter-stitch mindless creation to an involved lacey work of art that demands focus. A nice meal with good company, or a quiet evening alone. We get to know ourselves and what we need best.

Sometimes others have to provide a ‘prescription’. Rest has to be enforced or help obtained; we have to call Stop, for the sake of our own wellbeing. As I’ve said before, it’s recognising our flows and riding them, ups and downs – not in a judgmental, positive/negative sense, but simply what life Is.

I’ve a long and busy day tomorrow. Today, jobs will get done – but with some healthy spirit recharging included as well.


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