I’m feeling a little sad this evening. I’ve just finished work on the final lesson for my first year Druidry students.

A year ago, I was still rather shocked to discover that I had a year-full of students at all. I’d been asked often enough to teach, but never expected that so many people would want to hear what I had to say.

Those who lasted the distance are a truly exceptional group of people. I am honoured to have walked with them on this stage of their journey, and look forward to seeing where they travel next. Tomorrow, the final lesson is sent.

But also tomorrow, the first lesson of the next year’s ‘class’ goes out. More enthusiastic folk, keen to delve deep into their own Druidry – while as yet unknowing precisely what that might be!

I’ve often said that one of the greatest joys of my Druid practice is exploration. We step nervously into the unknown, often guided but always alone in ourselves. It’s a brave path to walk, but with so much reward along the way.

I’ve learned so much from my students this past year. Like them, I can’t believe it’s done.

But I can’t wait to see what comes next. 🙂

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