Everything in Moderation…

I think I might have to go on a book diet.

The shelves are heaving in every room, even after a ‘bagging for Charity’ session. Every visitor tends to leave with at least one book – that’s just the way I am, as I love to share the stories. But I can’t justify any more right now, due to space, money and time. Resolve and determination is called for…

As I rummage through the stacks, however, I can’t help but smile. I remember buying (or acquiring) each and every one of these titles, read and yet-to-be-explored. That feeling of interest at cover or blurb, flicking through the pages to feel its individual character – the font, the sensation of the pages, the scent. New and pre-loved, they are all there, patiently waiting for my attention at last.

And that, more than anything else, is what makes the proposed ‘diet’ a good thing. I picked up and kept these worlds-in-paper for a reason. Let’s go back to them and give them the time they deserve.

There will always be new worlds to explore, after all.

Now, when I drop this lot at the Charity Shop, the challenge will be to leave without looking at their shelves… 🙂


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