To Be…

Today has been relatively busy. Writing mostly, but also planning, reviewing, generally organising the calendar.

I’ve looked back over the past year and ahead to the next. I’ve written about Autumn, remembering Spring. My head has been spinning with the changeable weather, from rainstorm and rainbows to bright skies. The air has been heavy one moment, filled with the freshness of damp grass the next.

We move with the cycles of Nature, but also the timescales that we make for ourselves. We balance between then and now and yet-to-come. The days are still lengthening as we approach the Summer Solstice; I watched the sun set less than an hour ago.

The time came when all was done. Not as much as I’d have liked, but enough. More tomorrow. Keeping moving.

I light candle and consider it. Sometimes all that’s needed is to be, here and now. In that moment, that stillness, is peace.

That’s enough.


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