Telling Tales

I love books.

This is such an understatement. Those of you who know me… well, you’re probably the ones who’ve called me a Bookaholic (hey, it’s a relatively cheap and safe addiction!). I have to have reading matter about my person at all times. My bookshelves rarely have gaps.

So I love, of course, to hear about new books, with exciting uncracked spines that I haven’t explored yet.

Sometimes I ask for recommendations from friends, as a random dip into the reading worlds of other people. Social media is great for this, and today did not disappoint. Heaps of ideas ensued, which started to follow a trend for ‘magical realism’. As a good Bibliomancer, I’m not one to ignore the signs when they’re right in front of me – so I’ll be duly investigating these new territories with enthusiasm.

Then I remembered – years ago, I created a list of recommendations myself, when I was being asked about Pagan-related fiction. A quick hunt and it turned up here. Some well-known titles, some more below-the-radar – but all fondly held in my mind and heart.

Books are to be shared. Stories are part of my spirituality, the myths that make up my life. I even recall dressing up as a Greek Goddess for school once. Now I’m living my tale with greater awareness as each day/page turns.

What book holds you in its spell right now?

2 thoughts on “Telling Tales

  1. Just started “Occupational Hazards” by Rory Stewart. It’s a non-fiction book about his time as a Deputy Governor in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. I was drawn to it, as I have just finished his first book, “The Places In Between” which is about his remarkable walk across Afghanistan, just after the Taliban were ousted. He comes across as a non-judgemental person, and writes in an easy to read style.

  2. “Queen of My Self” – A great work that challenges the triple goddess theory, seeing it as outdated considering our longer life span. For those women who are no longer mothers in any sense, but not yet crones. It really strikes a chord with me – I’ve never really connected to the mother, but the Queen I have bowed to and acknowledged her both within and without these last six months…

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