Allowing Time

Some days, we need to take time. To rest, recharge, heal… whatever is necessary.

The key word here being ‘need’. We will physically and mentally collapse if we don’t take that break. This is not laziness, not an excuse. We are simply not able to run at full tilt, every hour of every day. Nor should we expect to – not ourselves or others.

We all know what that is like, working to the point of collapse. But this makes the rest days even more difficult, because of that undercurrent of ‘must be doing’ constantly in the back of the mind.

Today has been a balance between doing and resting. A morning of work, an afternoon of knitting and reading. Because that’s all I could do – my brain required focus, but I simply didn’t have the energy required for anything too strenuous or complex. It was all spent during the morning. (And I appear to have badly wrenched a muscle in my leg, which makes walking painful, so physical activity was limited as well. Sometimes the Universe does teach via pointed messages.)

When does an excuse become a reason? When it’s true. When do we let ourselves take time for us – or those we love? Perhaps not often enough.


2 thoughts on “Allowing Time

  1. Thank you for this.
    I’ve always maintained that there’s a noted difference between an ‘excuse’ and an ‘explanation’, and sometimes we need to treat ourselves with the same love and compassion as we’d give to another.

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