Hail, Nike…

I’ve heard of sweating your prayers. I ran my meditation today.

As some of you may know, I’ve started running again. As in, jogging around the park (or up and down the road) every other morning. This is for several reasons, but mostly fitness and energy – wanting to be healthier and happier. And slimmer, of course.

I used to run, years ago. I was training to join the Police. I found a trainer at my gym (I lived in London, it’s kind of expected) and asked for her advice. The next week, we were running up and down the Thames bank.

This beautiful, tiny lady, one of the strongest women I’ve ever known, trained the riot police for Surrey Constabulary, and dressed up as Lara Croft at office parties. She was astounding – pushing me hard but sympathetic to my relative lack of ability, and generous with advice, time and humour.

I began to run in the parks near my home, confusing the heck out of squirrels, ducks and the occasional dog. Then (due to local criminals) a treadmill was obtained and I discovered the joy of trance music, literally running/dancing to the deep, pounding beat.

An injury knocked me out of things for a while, and then motivation/depression. But now I’m determined again, inspired by other strong women I see, who simply start one day and keep on, regardless of their current fitness, how they feel or how they might look.

Every step on the wet grass today is an accomplishment; my thoughts becoming clearer, more focused. Worries slip away, replaced by sheer gladness in doing. The wind pushes me forward, and the blossom coats my hair as I pass.

I get home hot, sweaty, panting and pink. But happy.

I heard the voice of my trainer this morning, as I hit an uphill slant. “OK, enough walking – come on!”

And so I do.

*BTW, the title of this post does NOT refer to any manufacturer of sports goods you might have heard of. Before that, there was the Goddess, Nike


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