Morning Pause

I’m sitting with my coffee and knitting, just watching out of the window for a while before I get moving for the day’s work.

The garden is soggy today, but the birds are singing and the cockerel across the road is letting us know it’s morning. The trees are beginning to bud, and the wetness seems to bring out their greenery. Thick ivy on the old stones walls makes me feel as if my wee slice of land is a secret sanctuary, as it has been for hundreds of years… Perhaps.

I can hear cars going past on the road nearby, and think about all of those people rushing about, to school or work. I’ve been there too, but the quiet time then was the brief period before setting off. Or the journey itself, on a busy commuter train and bus. Or alighting one stop early to walk to the office, watching the world around me as I trod the city path.

We all have time, if we let ourselves. Those pauses are necessary, to gather our thoughts, come back to ourselves and remember why we’re alive. The world is busy too, but it’s there for us to explore, if we just stop to see.


One thought on “Morning Pause

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