Today, someone listened to me.

For the last few days, I’ve been speaking, asking for advice or assistance, and those who should be able to help have been either ignoring me, fobbing me off, or twisting my words to ‘Policy-speak’… so that they can be fobbed off.

Today, a kind gentleman listened. I was made welcome and paid full attention to. Intelligent and curious questions were asked, and a true conversation was had.

My gratefulness for this simple courtesy knows no bounds. I was reassured and helped, but also buoyed up and inspired by the entire experience.

I know this should be how we communicate as individuals, truly listening and engaging with those we meet, but sometimes this seemes to be a skill we are losing. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, I admit – but I do try to catch and correct myself as I go!

So those who listen – truly listen – will always have my respect and admiration. I will do my best to listen likewise, to both the words and the tonal subleties beneath. We deserve this small politeness in life, as we connect as friends or just passing neighbours… and certainly when seeking and offering assistance in times of need.


4 thoughts on “Listen…

  1. What a great thing it is when it happens! I know that I am not always a good listener, but I know that it is important, and so I keep working on it. This does not seem to be a skill that is given much importance in our culture, but it’s worth encouraging. I’ll share this!

  2. Thank you for this reminder, yes truly a dying art. To really focus on one thing, the person doing the speaking and to shut out all the other noise of today’s world is not easy. I hope I will try harder, not only to listen to others words but also the language of their bodies and hearts.

  3. There are too many official structures where listening ought to be hard wired into the system and isn’t. I got very tired of people asserting their ‘professional opinion’ which they seemed to feel exempted them from any need to find out what anyone else thought was happening. There’s a lot of it out there – which probably isn’t much comfort, but what you’ve been experiencing is nothing personal. Good to hear you’re getting heard now, hopefully that will lead to better things.

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