Pagan Community

Today was busy. From what was described as ‘stupid o’clock’, myself and a committed bunch of hard-working Pagan folk gathered for an event to honour the life and achievements of Patricia Crowther. This was organized and hosted by the Centre for Pagan Studies.

Pagan events are always a mixed affair, with guests rangng from the gorgeous goths to the venerable elders, and everything in between. This one, however, seemed more focused.

The entire room was filled with a general gladness, a happy vibe of people genuinely pleased to be there. Old friends were caught up with, new ones introduced, faces put to names from Facebook acquaintance… It wasn’t about the ‘Stuff’, it was about the relationships.

It’s fascinating to see the Pagan community as it matures. We’re several generations in now from the original Wiccan founders, and to see and hear the perspectives of those who were there right at the start is fascinating (and rather humbling). Many of those today have been walking their path for decades, long before it was even vaguely acceptable – and their strength of character, commitment and integrity is truly laudable. And they have some great stories to tell!

These are people I’m honoured to know, and a community that I’m proud to be part of.

Sometimes you have a day where you’re just glad to be living it, to be able to be part of such interesting times – in the best of ways. Happy memories in the making.


2 thoughts on “Pagan Community

  1. It was indeed a marvelous day, and a wonderful tribute to Patricia. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the organization impeccable. This is the standard that the CFPS deliver and they never disappoint. šŸ™‚

  2. I so wish I could have been there. That is one woman I would love to meet. Maybe there will be a future opportunity for that to happen.
    You have no idea what it did for me to read the above post by you, Cat.
    It seems that here in the United States , we have more than our share of problems and issues surrounding Wicca right now. Not enough good (HPS/HP) teachers to keep up with the number of people coming in and it truly has made a mess of things. So many folks running around out there who are not trained, not even a tiny bit. Reliance is heavy on books and the internet and it is causing great misunderstanding and is misleading people to believe particular things about Wicca that are just not correct. So it was rather refreshing to see your post. I am so happy that things went well for that event.
    Hope you all had a glorious Beltaine.
    Rain Dove/ HPS / The Dragon and The Rose Coven of Georgia

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