Well, a little later in the week than anticipated, but a morning of Intense Cleaning has been accomplished! From the physical (vacuuming, dusting, tidying) to the spiritual (smudging, reconsecrating), the house is a bit closer to sparkly again.

I live in an old house, you see, and it’s hard to ever make it as pristine as some might like. It dates from the 1820s and was once a guardhouse to the hunting grounds on this hilltop. Due to this – and the more recent Dog Factor – I’m happy with it being Lived In. Full of welcome, good smells and many books.

While housework is a task which most of us would happily do without, and which doesn’t perhaps seem very spiritual, it is so important to feel comfortable in your own home. The effort of upkeep is certainly an act of honour and respect, and the house will be grateful in turn. It holds the roof over our heads, after all.

Now just got to find some tobacco for the guards…



5 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Last night I was thinking about how desperately desperately untidy our house is and how I really must get it together to tackle this, that I can’t do it all at once so need to prioritise one room, or even just one part of a room, and get that sorted then move and so that eventually, eventually, some semblance of tidy might one day be achieved. You’re giving me another shove! Not starting today, still got the flu to put behind me first and I’m under husband’s orders to not do anything at all today, but once that’s behind me a plan shall be put into action. If my external space is so dusty and disordered, what does that say about my internal space?

  2. Learning to be houseproud is quite a new thing for me as well – a tangle of feelings mixed up in having been so transient for most of my life (17 different homes in 31 years!) and a fear of being trapped by domestic drudgery, though I don’t know where that fear came from. I have spent the past 18 months learning to how to make a real home of our little rented basement flat. It’s a slow and unsteady process, but I’ve found it so worthwhile 🙂 For the first time in my life, I can connect with the idea of the sacred hearth.

  3. I find cleaning quite therapeutic at times. It’s not just the having things (relatively!) clean or tidy, it’s the actual process of cleaning. Perhaps it’s the physical contact with my surroundings. When else do I actually go round touching things; shelves, ornaments, pictures, windows? When I clean I reinforce my physical relationship with my immediate environment and this surely helps cement my spiritual relationship with it too.

    So don’t get the idea my house is pristine – it’s not so much clean as touched!

  4. cleaning, tidying, connecting with what we own, thinking about the ethics of how we do it – for me, when I get there, it’s very much about my little tribe and the spirits of place. I am careful not to offend the spiders… Sally, my solution with those is to just pick whatever’s annoying me most and start there. That seems to be the best use of time and best way to be comfy.

    • Yes Nimue, that’s an excellent plan. Though it’s ALL annoying me very much! The temptation is to start today, start now, which is exactly what I mustn’t do until I’m totally over the flu, especially don’t want lots of dust flying around. May just see if I can actually clear both my desks so I can see their surfaces, that would be a good start…

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