Priestess Duties

I found a quote this evening which made me laugh so hard, I had to share it here. From the excellent ‘Stepping into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writing on Priestesses’, by Anne Key & Candace Kent:

‘The top chakra would be open to those women with a truly spiritual nature, connected first-hand to divine worlds, and often needing to sacrifice the lower chakras (by not having children, remaining unmarried or giving housework a low priority, for instance).’

To put this in context, the author is considering a chakra-based system of different ‘specialties’ or roles for priestesses in ancient times, based on archaeological finds. It’s fascinating reading, with no duty being more or less important, as all have their place and responsibility (so no hierarchical power structure). We are then encouraged to see if such systems might be applicable to our own work as priestesses today.

I just had to smile at the image of my house being so dusty and untidy right now because I’ve spent the weekend away doing ‘official Priestess’ work…

Tomorrow, I’ll be the Priestess who tidies 😀


One thought on “Priestess Duties

  1. Because of course no nature priestess could lower themselves to doing anything natural, like breeding, or dealing with the basic necessities of daily life.. um…I don’t know much about chakras, but I’m prepared to bet that whole interpretation in that quote is wrong, and that you don’t ‘sacrifice your lower chakras’ to get the top ones working, and that you probably need them doing whatever it is your chakras are supposed to do for the ‘top’ ones to work… guessing…

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