Today, I am being kept going by literal fuel.

The boiler is faulty, and the house is cold. It might be daffodil-bright outside, but it’s still March in Britain. This morning we fetched in wood from the depleted winter pile, and I worried a lot of creepy-crawlies by rummaging in the coal bin.

So I’ve been working by the bright light and warmth of a lovely fire, puppies sleeping next to me. And the kitchen is fine – so I’m warmed by an amazing home-cooked meal from my talented fellow, and lots of cups of sustaining tea.

We take things for granted until they are gone, but it’s important to appreciate what we do have. Food and heat isn’t just consumed to keep our internal petrol gauge above red – when used well, it can warm soul as well as body.



One thought on “Fuel

  1. I find it interesting how fire has essentially become invisible in our modern society (electric light instead of candles, gas-fired central heating instead of log fires) – but we still need it as much as we ever did. It’s just a lot more easy to take for granted when you’re not building a fire every day and lighting candles when it gets dark! I love how the Carmina Gadelica has more fire-building and fire-quenching rituals in it than for most other things. Fire used to be really central to the home, and now it isn’t in the same way – but we still need to value it, invisible or not. Lovely thoughts here – and I do hope you get warm soon!

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