Honour the Grey

A cold, almost wintry start to this March morning. I stared at the clouds overhead, feeling my spirits sink. Lots to do today, and not all of it good.

Then the thoughts begin to flow.

I’m only able to discern those shades of grey in the clouds because of the sun behind them. The wind is moving everything in a steady dance, while the rain waits in the wings, unsure whether to join in or pass over this hilltop altogether. People hustle past on the streets, worrying about work or school, oblivious to what’s going on outside their heads.

And I watch, from my window.

I’ve been reading lately of poets, philosophers and scientists who reject the value or sacredness of Nature because of its perceived ‘soullessness’, ‘silence’, or indifference to us. I find this hard to comprehend. Once you start to look, to feel, to acknowledge what’s outside yourself… there is so much going on!

Yes, a tree or a bird doesn’t necessarily care what we do, but we get cross at Nature for our own projected silly reasons, not any intentional ‘indifference’ on its part. The clouds have done nothing to inspire a feeling of lowness – we do that ourselves. And in so doing, we miss their intrinsic beauty, the value they hold just by being.

Like it or not, we are all part of this dance of life. We can see things in black or white, good or bad for us… or we can honour the shades of grey, for themselves.



2 thoughts on “Honour the Grey

  1. It is almost as though you are identifying with Thoreau, seeing the face of “God” in nature. It is a hard point of view to identify with. It is likely those poets that choose to see nature as apathetic are largely apathetic themselves. At least, it makes sense to me.

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