A small piece of creativity that came to me so easily, I felt it should be shared. For all of you who joined me on this first day!

I see creative all about
Which makes me want to jump and shout,
But instead I think I’ll sit
Here with myself and think a bit.

From where does the Awen flow?
In light or dark, through rain or snow.
It comes from those called ‘friend’, it seems
As they show me their hopes and dreams.

A blanket thick, some gorgeous art
And some who don’t know where to start!
But we all have it, this deep flow
The trick is finding how to show

Where that spark comes from, hid within
We overcome our fear of ‘sin’,
Of showing off, or standing out.
Instead, you too can jump and shout.

And so this bit of doggerel came
Without much effort – and no shame!
To share with you. Who inspire me.
I’m honoured. So now, shall we see

Where we end up? Along this path
We walk together, cry and laugh.
We live, we love, fire burning bright
For from the darkness comes this light.

We share our inspiration, no matter how mad it might seem… keep reaching for that spark, my friends.

And the image that inspired this verbal scribble: Odin, by Phil Woodward.



4 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. You’ve been so much light in my darkness these past few months Cat, you’ll never know how much you’ve shoved me along the path. Still late with my homework though!

    • You’re still doing so much, Sally – I couldn’t push if you didn’t want to be moved! Blossoming takes time, and I’m just glad to be able to help. Be guaranteed of huge hugs when I see you next xx

      • Next time I see you should be staying at my gaff with me cooking something fab after we’ve been out to a bit of stunning theatre wonderfulness or Buster Keaton brilliance. Yep?

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