Day 1

New starts are tricky. While the ideas are great, when it comes to the Doing… things start to get difficult. The blank page is a hard taskmaster, the blinking cursor a reminder to ‘come on, come on, come on’. Distraction and procrastination are always close at hand.

I’ve often found that the best plan is to just start, do Something, just to get the momentum flowing. You can always change it later – or you can leave it, as a reminder, that you did Start.

So here’s my intention, with the very first page.

I want to challenge myself, as part of my personal practice. To actively seek out inspiration each day, to post about it as a marker of the journey I take over the next weeks/months/years… that’s fairly terrifying, but also a bit exciting in its potential!

This isn’t coming from an ego-driven place. I could just write this all in a private diary or Word document, but by putting it out publicly, I feel that I’m more accountable – to you, those people reading this. I have to make it at least decent and comprehensible, but at best inspiring to others as well.

I hope that this will inspire my own writing, but also help me through the darker days. I’ve no idea what it will evolve into, but the process is as useful as the end result, I think. If it’s purely an indulgence, a bit of fun – well, I hope it entertains!

So this is Day 1. I’ve been wandering around this morning, looking for inspiration to start with, something dramatic and beautiful. The frost on the grass, the curling steam from my coffee, the book I’m reading…

But no – it’s got to be this really, hasn’t it:


The blank page on my battered old laptop. ‘Nothing Found’. Yet to begin.

This is where each of my books has started, where most blogs are typed, emails responded to, student work marked… so much from a single keyboard and screen.

Now that page is filled. We’re off and moving. What will the day bring? And tomorrow, and the next?

As I often like to say – Onward. The path can be just as inspiring as the scenery…


4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. So excited to be here from day one. I have my back pack packed and walking shoes on, ready for this lovely journey 😉

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